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Our compliance management software solutions enhance product quality lifecycle and automate product release processes

Create and manage product specification requirements by including information such as Product characteristics, Nutritional, Allergens, Packaging and Bill of Materials.

Manage the product formulation or recipe in the specification management for efficient production planning.

Qualify vendors based on the ability to supply material requirements and make purchasing decisions based on the approval status.

Automate product release process and reduce hold
time by releasing products based on the product compliance results against specifications.

Overcome challenges

Identify and Resolve Problems

Bridge compliance gaps by capturing product specifications, optimizing ingredient control, and streamlining material purchasing

Smart Specification as a Compliance Management Solution

Our Smart Specification software allows you to capture and manage the product quality, safety and regulatory requirements during the whole manufacturing process.

Smart Compliance as a Compliance Management Solution

Our Smart Compliance ensures materials are received as per the agreed specifications and automates the product release process.

Smart Audit as a Compliance Management Solution

Our Smart Audit module improves compliance gaps and enables product quality and safety enhancements.

Smart Supplier as a Compliance Management Solution

Our Smart Supplier software allows you to evaluate suppliers on their ability to provide materials based on the agreed specifications.

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