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Our Audit Management Software solutions uplifts your Gap assessment and audit experiences to bring successful audit results

Whether internal or external audit needs, conduct audits efficiently, capture objective evidence and close findings to improve on quality and food safety of the products.

Create risk based questions and assign scoring to the response and let the software calculate the assessment score objectively.

Let the audit management solution help you determine what’s working, what’s not, and what you can do to improve your business process.

Identifying the root cause of any deviation is critical to eliminate process defects. We added RCA tools such as 5 Whys and Fish Bone Analysis to help businesses identify the source of the problem.

Our software manages CAPA from identifying the corrective or preventive Action, assigning user for closure, tracking the status of the closure and review of the effectiveness in the same platform.

Overcome challenges

Identify and Resolve Problems

Handle audits like a pro by streamlining audit procedures and managing non-compliances proficiently

Scheduling in Smart Audit

From tacking audit completion to closure of non-compliance could be overwhelming to manage without a proper scheduling tool. Our scheduling feature in Smart Audit helps manage these so you never miss a due date.

Audit Checklist in Smart Audit

We understand the audit requirements and criteria could vary from organization to organization, that’s why we brought the power of configuring your own template in your way. We learn your way of doing things.

Smart EMP in Audit management

Monitoring the plant environment for protecting from environmental contamination is the key to safe food production. Smart EMP makes this process digital and convenient to identify and remediate harborage points in the site.

Smart CAPA in Audit management

Smart CAPA identifies the root cause of the problem, if managed properly, helps in reducing the recurrence and
hence reducing the auditing workload.

Smart Supplier in Audit management

Vendor Qualification is automated with Smart Supplier, hence help in ensuring the vendors are suitably qualified
to the site requirements.

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