Food Safety Program Management Solutions


Solutions we offer

We try to find Solutions that will bridge food safety compliance gaps and improve quality management

Whether you have a basic food safety program like GMP or HACCP or Global Recognised standards, our software helps organization meeting food safety compliance requirements

Develop HACCP Plan for any food categories with our step by step HACCP Plan Builder.

With our Smart Supplier, identify, mitigate and monitor global food supply chain risk.

Smart Audit enables businesses identifying compliance gaps and managing to close effectively with through root cause analysis.

Overcome challenges

Identify and Resolve Problems

We will always strive to understand and address emerging food safety challenges and problems.

Risk Management through Smart HACCP

Automating the HACCP Plan helps businesses to manage and control hazards in the food effectively.

Integrate with Smart Supplier

Integrating with Smart Supplier paves the way for enhanced food safety controls from the supplier end are met and tracked realtime.

Document Controls for Risk Mitigation

Smart Doc helps you to follow the famous saying, “Say what you do and Do what you say”. Document what is required to be done in Smart Doc and let the stakeholders follow with easy access to the same.

Identify and track Compliance GAP with Smart Audit

Identify and improve the food safety program compliance gaps with smart audit and ensure proper investigation and
corrective and preventive action through Smart CAPA.

Smart Compliance to Material Safety

Whether you’re a supplier, wholesaler or retailer, food safetyis essential to the integrity of your brand. We help you
control regulatory, brand and financial risk by keeping yourcompliance documents up to date.