Learning Management System Solutions


Solutions we offer

We try to find Solutions that will bridge food safety compliance gaps and improve quality management

Our learning management solutions help in easily onboarding or retraining of employees by providing an user friendly learning platform to complete their training requirements.

Whether its Self Paced Learning or Group Learning, Our application can convert the training content to be trained in both ways and monitor the training progress realtime.

Automate the training requirements with onboarding and refresher training scheduling features to stay on top of the training compliance. The self evaluation of post training quizzes can generate training completion log, training certificate, update training skill matrix and schedule the next training.

Track and Monitor the training progress, completion and effectiveness of learning outcomes with learning indicators built into the dashboard and reporting.

Overcome challenges

Identify and Resolve Problems

We will always strive to understand and address emerging food safety challenges and problems.

Smart Training in LMS

Our Smart training software allows businesses to create self paced or Group learning training content and manage training assignment, course completion, training certificate and skill matrix under one place.Our Smart Visitor System helps business visitors to go through site specific training requirements and manage records of visitors log in the system.

Smart IAM for LMS

Smart IAM helps to manage to create roles and the same can be assigned to users while creating access. Based on the role a set of courses can be defined to be assigned as part of onboarding training.

Smart Supplier in LMS

With Smart Supplier, businesses can assign their suppliers or service providers to complete certain prerequisite training to qualify as a vendor.