GFSI Software


Solutions we offer

We try to find Solutions that will bridge food safety compliance gaps and improve quality management

Comply with the certification requirements of various GFSI standards and demonstrate audit readiness.

Create, Review, Approve food safety program documents digitally with the power of document management.

With digital document management process, stay audit ready for any day anytime.

Manage country and commodity specific supplier risk with Smart Supplier.

Overcome challenges

Identify and Resolve Problems

We will always strive to understand and address emerging food safety challenges and problems.

Smart Docs in GFSI Solutions

Smart Doc’s built-in food safety standard helps businesses to manage the food safety program requirements for different standards around the globe.

Smart Record in GFSI Solutions

Create, manage and monitor all the record keeping requirements for any food safety program.

Smart Supplier in GFSI Solutions

Design, assess and monitor vendor compliance requirements as required by GFSI program with Smart Supplier

Smart Training in GFSI Solutions

Conduct, evaluate and manage employee training as per the food safety program requirements to improve food safety compliances.