Online Form Features

Features that make record keeping efficient, real-time, and traceable

Online Form Builder

With over 36 field types, you can create dynamic templates, import content from Excel, or use our pre-built template library.

Conditions and Validations

Identify compliances and manage record keeping efficiently through conditional formatting, mathematical expressions, and field validations.

User Experience

Our user-friendly, responsive design makes managing digital records easy and powerful.

Advanced Search

Searching through records was easier with the keywords, tags, status, and date search features.


Keep track of material flow along the supply chain with the traceability feature.

Offline Record Keeping

Offline record creation is possible in our Android and iOS record applications and auto-sync when online.

Dashboard and Reporting

Keep track of compliance and trends using our built-in dashboard and custom reporting.

Data Export and Backups

Digital record data can be exported to Excel, CSV, and pdf formats for local backups from our software.

Audit Log

The audit log provides real-time access to transactions in record keeping.

Smart Features

Creating digital form is easy and convenient with the drag and drop component features. Customize the forms to make them smarter with options such as conditional formatting, validations, and
formulas. Add our scheduling feature so that you never forget to create the records.

Create customized traceability flow by defining the process steps and linking our Smart Records. Trace records with key data at any step forward or backward using our Traceability feature.

Select a template from our library of pre-built templates, make customizations as needed to fit your requirements, preview for responsiveness in the built-in device simulator and save to create smart records.

Scheduling Capability lets you keep track of one-time or recurring tasks so you dont forget to complete them. As tasks are scheduled, they are automatically added to the assigned users built-in users calendar and sent by email to be added to their email calendar. After a scheduled task is completed, the calendar gets updated with the color-coded status. Users can go back in history to review past and future tasks.

The notification capability lets you configure when and how a user needs to be notified for which actions by email, sms or through the in-app notifications. The notification configuration can be configured to receive notifications when a record is submitted, Approved, Rejected, or Reviewed.

Using a date, time, and user name stamped audit trail, our software keeps track of the historical record keeping activities over time. Capture every change in the Version Change Log.

How Smart Record Works ?

Move away from paper-based record keeping in five easy steps

1. Create Template

Create dynamic templates by dragging and dropping a component from our list of 30+ custom components.

2. Add Workflow

Create a workflow and add to the template based on the process flow requirements.

3. Create Record

Record created using the template according to the schedule and workflow.

4. Workflow and Audit Log

Record created using the template according to the schedule and workflow.

5. Analyze and Exports

Records can be exported in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats, as well as emailed to any user

Download Now

Smart Record Keeping Mobile Application supports offline record creation. The application works without an internet connection and automatically syncs created records when an internet connection is available. Download our free app from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store by clicking the link here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Record?

Smart Record is a record keeping software that digitizes paper-based record creation or data collection.

What kind of records can I digitize?

Our software allows you to digitize from excel, word, or any paper-based records.

How do I digitize my paper-based records?

Our drag and drop template builder or pre-built template library can be used to translate existing records.

What are the Benefits of record management software?

There are multiple benefits of digitizing your record keeping, such as records being accessible in real-time for any connected devices, getting notified with alerts and notifications, and becoming cost efficient with record management.

How do I get started with Smart Record?

Getting started with Smart Record is as easy as sending an email to

Which devices do your offline mobile app support?

Our application has been optimized for most of the iOS and Android devices; however, you can optimize the responsiveness while creating your template.

Where is my data stored?

We use secure cloud storage to store customer data with backups.

Is my data in the cloud secure?

Data is encrypted during storage and transmission for security purposes.

Is Smart Record Affordable?

Our software is designed for any size of the company. On average, a company saves a minimum 30% of the record keeping time using our software, which helps cover beyond the licensing cost.

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