Supplier Management Solution


Solutions we offer

We try to find Solutions that will bridge food safety compliance gaps and improve quality management

Qualify vendors based on country, commodity and vendor specific risk and documentation through a score based supplier approval program.

Assess vendor quality and food safety program through customized risk based audit checklist, collect objective evidence and manage non-compliances for timely investigation and closure.

Reduce product hold time and improve product release process with automated COA verification against product specification requirements.

Monitor vendor risk with transparent key performance indicators and automate supplier ranking that helps in  making purchasing decisions.

Overcome challenges

Identify and Resolve Problems

We will always strive to understand and address emerging food safety challenges and problems.

Smart Supplier in Supplier Management

Smart Supplier module helps in understanding and managing vendor risk with customisable requirements anddocumentation needed to qualify a supplier.

Smart Specification in Supplier Management

Smart Specification ensures material specifications are communicated effectively and agreed upon between the Customer and Supplier.

Smart Audit in Supplier Management

Supplier readiness is evaluated with Smart Audit in identifying and improving compliance gaps.

Smart Compliance in Supplier Management

Smart Compliance Automates Product verification against specification for improved material release processes in a
timely manner.

Smart CAPA Supplier Management

Managing complaints or deviations from customer to supplier can be effectively managed through investigation,
root cause analysis and corrective/preventive action reports with Smart CAPA.