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Our laboratory management solutions equip industries to maximize the efficiency of their laboratory outcomes

Automation of laboratory workflow improves
productivity, minimizes repetitive communications and makes your employees more efficient.

Paper-based processes are always time consuming and error prone. Digitization of the laboratory documentation reduces the workload and human errors.

Smart Lab enables migration of entire end-to-end laboratory processes starting from creation of quote, customer onboarding, analysis request, COA generation to invoicing under one single platform.

Overcome challenges

Identify and Resolve Problems

Leverage tech-enabled lab management solutions to establish seamless and automated laboratory processes

Smart Lab as a Lab Management Solution

Our Smart Lab allows laboratories to automate and digitize the laboratory workflow to achieve improved process efficiency.

Smart Supplier as a Lab Management Solution

Smart Supplier objectively identify the vendor qualification requirements and ensure compliance to the same digitally.

Smart Doc as a Lab Management Solution

Smart Doc enables laboratories to centralize the quality management system documentation, manage document approval workflow and document life cycle.

Smart Record as a Lab Management Solution

Use of Smart Record in the laboratories digitalises all paper based records to electronic record for better transparency.

Smart Audit as a Lab Management Solution

Identify and improve compliance gaps to the laboratory management system with Smart Audit module.

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